The Lost City of Z, written and directed by James Gray, is a biographical adventure film following the story of early 20th century British soldier and explorer Percy Fawcett, whose expeditions through uncharted Amazonia led him to believe there was an ancient civilization yet to have been discovered, predating that of the British. Charlie Hunnam plays Fawcett as he faces the unforgiving conditions of the jungle with aide de camp Henry Costin (Robert Pattinson), scepticism from society over his theories, near death on the front line in World War I, and separation from his family, including his loving but frustrated wife Nina (Sienna Miller), until his mysterious disappearance in the jungle alongside son Jack (Tom Holland) in 1925. We spoke to Charlie Hunnam on the red carpet outside the British Museum for the UK premiere of the film about his on-screen chemistry with Sienna, his fascination with Percy’s story, and having to drop 40 pounds to play the intrepid explorer…

The Lost City of Z is released nationwide on 24th March 2017.


Watch the trailer for The Lost City of Z here: