Fyodor Golan had fun with their autumn/winter 2017 collection presentation in the BFC Showspace.

The duo of designers – Fyodor Podgorny and Golan Frydman – cite the electrifying large scale spray print artworks of German Katharina Grosse as a point of inspiration. As such, a rainbow of bright colours flood the pieces, broken up with clashing camouflage and leopard prints.

LFW AW17 - Fyodor Golan - Krish Nagari - The Upcoming-36-2

The flurry of colours then gave way to a more demure bejewelled sheer black fabric, a royal blue high neck dress with disturbed layers of fabric, and a floor length button down pin stripe shirt.

LFW AW17 - Fyodor Golan - Krish Nagari - The Upcoming-19-2

Activewear informs large puffa coats and attached enlarged sleeves, the relaxed, heat-encasing look contradicted by flashes of bare shoulder flesh and – occasionally – nipple. Brave lycra playsuits contrast with comfy youthful jumpers splashed with angry face cartoons.

LFW AW17 - Fyodor Golan - Krish Nagari - The Upcoming-33-2

Playful Post-it Note and Powerpuff Girls themes also inform the hues and design. The iconic block colours and logo of the retro stationery continue a five year tradition in the brand. The scribbled reminder sticky back papers become part of the fabric, variously attached to sheer PVC denim-style jackets and risqué skirts, while a cut off baby pink sweater holds the emblazoned logo above a hint of breast.

LFW AW17 - Fyodor Golan - Krish Nagari - The Upcoming-12-2

A love for the cute yet girl power infused cartoon characters brought a combination of kitsch and liberation, in the style and lines, with repeated “Power” slogans filling a fabric jumper dress, and coloured flashes of make-up painting masks across the models’ eyes with the help of KIKO Milano. The look was assertive yet lighthearted.

LFW AW17 - Fyodor Golan - Krish Nagari - The Upcoming-30-2

Bold, vibrant and playful, this collection is the definition of exuberance.

By Sarah Bradbury. First published on The Upcoming on 17th February 2017.
Photos: Krish Nagari

For further information about Fyodor Golan visit here.