Turkish brand Barrus presented their autumn/winter 2017 collection presentation at Freemason’s Hall on the fourth day of London Fashion Week.

Design duo, Neslişah Yılmaz and Nur Çağlayan, looked at the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the seventh wonder of the ancient world, for their new line, wishing to continue a tradition of developing contemporary design from antediluvian roots in the ancient heritage of Mesopotamia. In particular, they drew on the Babylon dress that for them has stood for “the value of excellence in both fabrics and craftsmanship” for centuries.

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As such as elegant floor length gowns in a range of necklines dominated the collection in silky satins and raw silks with sparkling embellishments through intricate hand beading and delicate lace.

Contemporary interpretations of classic designs were made in column dresses, jumpsuits and cut-away slip gowns with touches of velvet and decorative trims while other pieces cranked up the glamour such as a full skirted-dress in feathers with a strapless bodice top.

The flurry of femininity was cut through with more masculine tailoring in block colouring but maintaining a sexy edge in the close fit, silk finish and plunging necklines.

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More daring ensembles were revealed such as a cropped laced top with embellished stripe trousers with feather flares. The line moved through a range of hues from persian blue through to rich purple, shimmering gold, black and ivory.

Striking model Turkish-Danish Tülin Şahin made a particular highlight throughout the show, presenting the brand’s statement gowns with revealing lace skirts and flowing trains first in blue and later in ivory, making a final run flanked by the two designers.

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An ultra-feminine, glamorous look with a contemporary twist on classic designs and techniques.

By Sarah Bradbury. First published on The Upcoming on 20th February 2017.
Photos: Eron Birsen