Immerse yourself in the latest business thinking with our guide to the best videos, books and podcasts.


YouTube is a fantastic repository of business wisdom. If you don’t already, tune into TED Talks. These easily digested 18-minute chunks explore ground-breaking ideas from “mavericks, icons and geniuses”. For motivation and positive thinking, watch bestselling author and life coach Brendon Burchard. Or try thought leader and motivational speaker Marie Forleo, who meets famous entrepreneurs and business leaders to discuss everything from productivity to technology.
With a combined wealth running to around $164 billion, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett could buy a small country. Instead, they share their good fortune through philanthropic foundations. See the billionaire’s mindset.
And finally, get an insight into how a young Ukrainian programmer created the WhatsApp sensation in this interview with Jan Koum.


There are three titles in the running for the FT & McKinsey Business Book of the Year Award. Adaptive Markets by Andrew W Lo draws on psychology, evolutionary biology and neuroscience to show how efficient market theory – the foundation of classical economics – is incomplete, and how rationality and irrationality coexist in markets. Reset by Ellen Pao follows the writer’s account of fighting for women’s rights in tech after she rocked Silicon Valley by taking on a powerhouse venture-capital firm in a discrimination lawsuit. Finally, The One Device by Brian Merchant examines how Apple created the most profitable product in the world – the iPhone.
Explore the radical culture of the new generation of tech companies in The Upstarts by Brad Stone, which focuses on Uber and Airbnb. Find out how big data is changing the world and learn how it reveals surprising insights about our true selves in Everybody Lies by Seth Stephens-Davidowitz.
In Machine, Platform, Crowd, MIT professors Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee explore how trends in automation, digital technologies and crowdsourcing are upending received wisdom about the ways we run our companies and our lives. And Ashlee Vance dives into what drives one of tech’s most compelling figures in Elon Musk, a biography of the billionaire founder of Tesla and SpaceX.
Change the way you think with books on the psychology of business, such as Insight by Tasha Eurich, an organisational psychologist who helps people overcome obstacles to professional success. Psyched Up by Daniel McGinn examines the science of mental preparation for challenging moments, while Popular by Mitch Prinstein explores how likability and status affect our success, relationships and happiness.


To get up to speed on the latest business news, subscribe in your favourite podcast app to BBC Business Daily, a daily 20-minute podcast on global news impacting companies and markets. For a US perspective, listen to Marketplace, a podcast by American Public Media covering the day’s international business headlines.
For economics, download the Weekly Economics Podcast, where the New Economics Foundation think tank examines the financial forces shaping the world. Planet Money is NPR’s weekly show of surprising, offbeat stories from the world of business. And in Freakonomics Radio, journalist Steven Dubner (co-author of the best-selling Freakonomics book) explores the hidden side of money.
To get up to date with the latest ideas in management and professional advice, listen to HBR IdeaCast, a weekly show from Harvard Business Review featuring interviews with executives, authors, journalists and professors. Manager Tools gives practical advice in tackling issues at work as well as advancing your career.
For outside-the-box ideas, try TED Radio Hour. Inspired by TED Talks, each show explores fresh approaches to old problems and new ways to think and create.
For entrepreneurs, FT Start-Up Stories features the Financial Times’s Jonathan Moules talking to business founders about building successful brands. Alternatively, the award-winning Entrepreneur on Fire sees US founder and presenter John Lee Dumas interview a different innovator each day, while The Investors Podcast features conversations with entrepreneurs alongside reviews of business books.
Andrew Warner founded Mixergy (combining a business networking ‘mixer’ and ‘energy’) to help startup entrepreneurs get ideas and solutions from successful people. The company’s podcast aims to ‘introduce you to doers and thinkers whose ideas and stories are so powerful that just hearing them will change you.’ It includes interviews with more than 1,500 business founders, including Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia and many more big names.
By Sarah Bradbury. First published in Regus Magazine on 6th December 2017.