The Innocents is the brand new sci-fi thriller series from Netflix. Starting out with the story of two young lovers, this seemingly everyday teen drama quickly picks up the pace and enters a whole other world of shape-shifting. With a strong young cast as well as heavyweight Guy Pearce and a dark and distinctive story and aesthetic, the series looks set to be a new Netflix obsession for many.

We were at the Curzon in Mayfair for the launch of the series to chat with the actors and creative team.

Guy Pearce, who plays Halvorson, explained why he was so drawn to the story; his experience of creating the series; filming in England and Norway; and how he prepares for his broad spectrum of roles from indie films to blockbusters and now TV series.

Lead actors Sorcha Groundsell, who plays June McDaniel, and Percelle Ascott, who plays Harry Polk, also told us about their experience of making the series and how the strength of the characters and their story drew them to it.

Director Jamie Donoughue spoke to us about why he believes this series stands apart from others, the joy of working with such a fantastic cast and how he loved how it kept a Northern British edge despite its otherworldly subject matter.

Writers Hania Elkington and Simon Duric told us how they came up with the story over a few a beers in the pub and how it formed the perfect amalgamation of their different ideas.

By Sarah Bradbury. First published on The Upcoming on 21st August 2018.
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The Innocents is available on Netflix from 24th August 2018.

Watch the trailer for The Innocents here: