First published in print in Clash Magazine on 3rd April.

Since breakout debut, Leave Me Alone, the Madrilenian garage pop quartet have become known for their lo-fi sound. 

Now two years on from follow up album, I Don’t Run, they continue to hang on to their rough edges but The Prettiest Curse feels like a step change: here they are expansive, emboldened and embracing of their native Spanish roots in sound and lyric.

Anthemic opener “Good Bad Times” hooks you in with its rumination on that contradictory feeling of two people in a relationship being so seemingly entwined yet so distant. “Come Back And Love Me” plays out like a faux cutesy lullaby, coaxing a lover to return. Sunny melodies and give-a-shit attitude run through tracks like “Riding Solo.” 

This album’s playfully nonchalant, punky edge is a perfect vehicle to forget the four walls you’re likely living between and ride out lockdown on a high.


Hinds, The Prettiest Curse, is out on April 3rd 2020 via Mom + Pop.

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