If there’s one place it’s certainly impossible to effectively social distancing, it’s inside a packed, sweaty club. As such, they’ll no doubt be the last places to emerge from lockdown. But thanks to DJs live-streaming around the world, club culture is being kept alive. 

Following the closure of nightclubs around the world, venues and artists have had to get creative. And live-streamed sets, broadcast direct into fans living rooms, are turning out to be a great way to keep the clubbing scene going while also providing much-needed income.

Those offering their beats to the online world range from the amateur (my husband is sending his home-made mixes to our no doubt delighted friends…) to the world’s best. Groups of friends are dialing-in together to make their own virtual parties. Social media makes it easy to see how many people are listening together from locations around the world and provide instantaneous feedback in reactions and comments.

And while of course, there is a lot lost in the lack of physical presence and booming sound system, there are gains: no expensive drinks, you’re always front row and you’re always included. As Abby Young-Powell from Positive News points out, those who would normally struggle with access, such as those with disabilities, are on a level with everyone else. Those who might not be such a fan of clubs themselves can enjoy the music from the comfort of their kitchen.

Though there’s one thing we can be sure of. The first party that happens post-lockdown will be one hell of a banger.

Not sure where to start? Here’s some TMIK recommendations:

Or check out your fav artist’s socials to see if they are doing their own live-stream or checkout Resident Advisor’s listings. Then all that’s left is to dim the lights and get raving.

Got any recommendations? 

By Sarah Bradbury. Published on #ThisMuchIKnow on 24th April 2020.