Hot on the heels of a number of other films tackling the topic, Harry Macqueen’s Supernova conveys with compassion and nuance the struggles a couple face navigating the impact of dementia on their relationship, while on a campervan road trip across the Lake District.

In lots of ways, there couldn’t be a better time for a film that explores how we interact with our loved ones when life gets tough – after over a year of lockdowns, loss and normal life upended, almost everyone can relate to having to recalibrate their relationships in the face of adversity.

And with a dynamite casting pairing of Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci, putting in a couple of career-best performances as the pianist and author couple, and a lot of appealing rolling British landscapes and knitwear, this is a delicate yet devastating study of love and loss-cum-road movie, with many an understated profound moment.

With the soundtrack alone offering an emotional journey, it’s safe to say the film will leave viewers in bits. But as Macqueen explained to us, he hopes it also offers a life-affirming optimism in the strength of the human spirit it represents.

We spoke with Macqueen who told us about the inspiration for the production, working with screen veterans Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci, who at first couldn’t decide who should take which role, and what he hopes audiences will take away.

By Sarah Bradbury. First published on The Upcoming on 25th June 2021.

Supernova is released nationwide on 25th June 2021.

Watch the trailer for Supernova here: